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Parallel Sessions
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Doctoral Workshop
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Parallel Sessions
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Parallel Sessions
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Nantes City Tour
Doctoral Workshop
Parallel Sessions
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Parallel Sessions
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Parallel Sessions
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Doctoral Diner

Session A1 - Design methodology, methods and tools

Chairperson A1.1 - Eric Lutters
Chairperson A1.2 - Daniel Brissaud
Chairperson A1.3 - Lionel Roucoules
Chairperson A1.4 - Roy Damgrave
Chairperson A1.5 - Daniel Brissaud

Session A1.1 May 23th 11:00am
A Bayesian approach to model change propagation mechanisms ( PROCIR-D-17-01306 )
Shirin Mirdamadi, Sid-Ali Addouche, Marc Zolghadri

Session A1.1 May 23th 11:30am
Specification of surface roughness using axiomatic design and multiscale surface metrology ( PROCIR-D-18-00005 )
Christopher A. Brown

Session A1.1 May 23th 12:00am
Capability-Based Design Task Decomposition in Heavy Military Vehicle Collaborative Development Process ( PROCIR-D-17-00643 )
Wenjun Liu, Jun Ji, Yiming Yang, Lindong Zhang

Session A1.2 May 23th 2:45am
Identification of Agile Mechanisms as Basis for the Design of Agile Product Development Processes ( PROCIR-D-17-00418 )
G. Schuh, C. Dölle, J. Kantelberg

Session A1.2 May 23th 3:15am
Designing simplification strategy for solutions analysis and selection at the architectural stage ( PROCIR-D-17-00547 )
Ricardo Duarte, Michel Mesnard,Antonio Ramos, Jean-Pierre Nadeau, Nicolas Perry

Session A1.2 May 23th 3:45am
Defining Scaling Strategies for the Improvement of Agility Performance in Product Development Projects ( PROCIR-D-17-00562 )
Günther Schuh, Eric Rebentisch, Christian Dölle, Christian Mattern, Georgiy Volevach

Session A1.3 May 23th 4:45pm
Automated Maintenance Plan Generation based on CAD Model Feature Recognition ( PROCIR-D-17-00598 )
Pedro Yepez, Basel Alsayyed, Rafiq Ahmad 

Session A1.3 May 23th 5:15pm
Improving the knowledge transfer from research to industry by developing demand-oriented design guidelines for fibre-reinforced plastics ( PROCIR-D-17-00613 )
Viktoriia Butenko, Albert Albers

Session A1.3 May 23th 5:45pm
A new methodology to analyze the functional structure of existing products for an assembly oriented product family identification ( PROCIR-D-17-00642 )
Paul Stief, Jean-Yves Dantan, Alain Etienne, Ali Siadat

Session A1.4 May 24th 8:30am
C&C2-AFM - An embodiment design- and function-based approach for Analysis of Failure Mechanisms ( PROCIR-D-17-00648 )
Bartosz Gladysz, Albert Albers

Session A1.4 May 24th 9:00am
CAD Model Comparison Approach Based On Unified Feature ( PROCIR-D-17-01078 )
Mehdi Tlija, Montasser Billah Letaief, Borhen Louhichi

Session A1.4 May 24th 9:30am
Assembly plans generation of complex machines based on the stability concept ( PROCIR-D-17-01205 )
Akram Bedeoui, Riadh Benhadj, Moez Trigui, Nizar Aifaoui

Session A1.5 May 24th 11:15am
Adaptive Design of Engineering Change Management in Highly Iterative Product Development ( PROCIR-D-17-01214 )
G. Schuh, J.-P. Prote, M. Luckert, F. Basse, V. Thomson, W. Mazurek

Session A1.5 May 24th 11:45am
Agile Transformation and Correlation of Customer-Specific Requirements And System-Inherent Characteristics - An Automotive Example ( PROCIR-D-17-01291 )
Jan-Henrik Schneberger, Tobias Luedeke, Michael Vielhaber

Session A1.5 May 24th 12:15am
Analytics Canvas - A Framework for the Design and Specification of Data Analytics Projects ( PROCIR-D-17-01290 )
Arno Kühn, Robert Joppen, Felix Reinhart, Daniel Röltgen, Sebastian von Enzberg, Roman Dumitrescu

Session A2 - Additive Manufacturing in progress

Chairperson A2.1 - Kate Thompson
Chairperson A2.2 - Alain Bernard

Session A2.1 May 24th 2:00pm
Feature-Based Methodology for Design of Geometric Benchmark Test Artifacts for Additive Manufacturing Processes ( PROCIR-D-17-00536 )
Baltej Singh Rupal, Rafiq Ahmad, Ahmed Jawad Qureshi

Session A2.1 May 24th 2:30pm
Modeling Key Characteristics in the Value Chain of Additive Manufacturing ( PROCIR-D-17-00586 )

Session A2.1 May 24th 3:00pm
Integrated design-oriented framework for resource selection in additive manufacturing ( PROCIR-D-17-00597 )
Uzair Khaleeq uz Zaman, Mickael Rivette, Ali Siadat, Aamer Ahmed Baqai

Session A2.1 May 24th 3:30pm
Topology optimization for additive manufacturing using a component of a humanoid robot ( PROCIR-D-17-00608 )
Stefan Junk, Benjamin Klerch, Lutz Nasdala, Ulrich Hochberg

Session A2.2 May 24th 4:30pm
Smart Planning, Evaluation and Optimization of Product Design and Manufacturing Process Chains for New Product and Production Technologies on the Example of Additive Manufacturing ( PROCIR-D-17-00641 )
Alexander Jacob, Karolin Windhuber, Daniel Ranke, Gisela Lanza

Session A2.2 May 24th 5:00pm
Design for manufacturing and assembly key performance indicators to support high-speed product development ( PROCIR-D-17-01268 )
Mary Kathryn Thompson, Ida Kirstine Juel Jespersen, Thomas Kjærgaard

Session A2.2 May 24th 5:30pm
Design for 4D printing: rapidly exploring the design space around smart materials ( PROCIR-D-17-01305 )
Germain Sossou, Frédéric Demoly, Ghislain Montavon, Samuel Gomes

Session A3 - Tolerancing improvments

Chairperson A3 - coming soon

Session A3 May 25th 8:30am
A CAD Model for Tolerance Analysis of non-rigid Planar parts assemblies ( PROCIR-D-17-00077 )
Anis Korbi, Mehdi Tlija, Borhen Louhichi, Abdelmajid BenAmara

Session A3 May 25th 9:00am
Optimal tolerance allocation based on Difficulty matrix using FMECA tool ( PROCIR-D-17-01207 )
Maroua GHALI, Mehdi TLIJA, Nizar AIFAOUI

Session A3 May 25th 9:30am
Fast and accurate analysis of compliant assembly ( PROCIR-D-17-01248 )
Yann Ledoux, Denis Teissandier, Vincent Delos

Session B1 - Data, knowledge and semantic aspects

Chairperson B1.1 - Emilio M. Sanfilippo
Chairperson B1.2 - Farouk Belkadi

Session B1.1 May 23th 11:00am
Data-Based Determination of the Product-Oriented Standardization Degree ( PROCIR-D-17-00632 )
Günther Schuh, Christian Dölle, Stephan Schmitz, Jan Koch, Marius Hödinga, Alexander Menges

Session B1.1 May 23th 11:30am
Investigating Organizational Knowledge Transformation Capabilities in Manufacturing Companies ( PROCIR-D-17-00637 )
Torgeir Welo, Geir Ringen - presenter Sigmund Arntsønn Tronvoll

Session B1.2 May 23th 2:45pm
CAD modelling based on knowledge synthesis for design rational ( PROCIR-D-17-01131 )
Anthony Geromin, Lionel Roucoules, François Malburet, Cédric Lopez

Session B1.2 May 23th 3:15pm
Using semantic metadata for continuous development of requirements and goals in the Smart Mobility domain - An empirical study ( PROCIR-D-17-01293 )
Albert Albers, Armin Kurrle

Session B1.2 May 23th 3:45pm
Ontological foundations for feature-based modeling ( PROCIR-D-18-00089 )
Emilio Sanfilippo

Session B2 - Design for X

Chairperson B2 - Frédéric Demoly

Session B2 May 23th 4:45pm
Integrated Product, Production and Material Definition for Conventional versus Generative Manufacturing Technologies ( PROCIR-D-18-00088 )
Jerome Kaspar, Pascal Stoffels, Jan-Henrik Schneberger, Michael Vielhaber

Session B2 May 23th 5:15pm
Design for PM - Challenges and Opportunities for Powder Metal Components in Transmission Technology ( PROCIR-D-17-00612 )
Tim Frech, Philipp Scholzen, Philipp Schäflein, Christoph Löpenhaus, Philip Kauffmann, Fritz Klocke

Session B2 May 23th 5:45pm
Case study: Application of Design for Automated Assembly methods in the development of an electronic product from early design to design freeze ( PROCIR-D-17-00794 )
Olivier Roulet-Dubonnet, Rune Kringstad Sandøy, Kjersti Øverbø Schulte

Session B2 May 23th 6:15pm
PSS design through Design for Supply Chain: State of the art review ( PROCIR-D-17-00626 )
Oyetola Emmanuel Ebikake, Claudio Sassanelli, Sergio Terzi

Session B3 - For a sustainable world

Chairperson B3.1 - Nicolas Perry
Chairperson B3.2 - Maud Rio

Session B3.1 May 24th 8:30am
Selection method for multiple performances evaluation during early design stages ( PROCIR-D-17-01066 )
Kévin Audoux, Frédéric Segonds, Olivier Kerbrat, Améziane Aoussat

Session B3.1 May 24th 9:00am
Evaluating Collaboration Productivity in Interdisciplinary Product Development ( PROCIR-D-17-00563 )
Guenther Schuh, Michael Riesener, Christian Mattern, Maria Linnartz, Felix Basse

Session B3.1 May 24th 9:30am
Integration of an Assessment Methodology for the Selection of Joining Technologies in Car Body Development ( PROCIR-D-11-01052 )
Saphir A. Choudry, Jerome Kaspar, Uwe Alber, Dirk Landgrebe

Session B3.2 May 24th 11:15am
An approach to identify the factors that affect a products life time energy consumption during the concept design stage ( PROCIR-D-17-01294 )
S M Ibbotson, S Kara

Session B3.2 May 24th 11:45am
A Design to Environment Modelling Approach based on Time Variation Networks ( PROCIR-D-17-01301 )
Maud Rio, Andreas Riel, Shinsuke Kondoh

Session B4 - Creativity, innovation and human bio-inspired issues

Chairperson B4.1 - Jean-Francois Petiot
Chairperson B4.2 - Christopher Brown

Session B4.1 May 24th 2:00pm
Study for development of face patient-specific 3D printed medical device: Design based on 3D virtual biomodels/ CAD/ RP ( PROCIR-D-17-01103 )
Cristian C. Ardila, Clara Isabel López, Javier Mauricio Martínez, Genny Liliana Meléndez, Diana Carolina Navarro, Carlos Fernando Galeano

Session B4.1 May 24th 2:30pm
Meaningful Prediction Parameters for Evaluating the Suitability of Power Tools for Usage ( PROCIR-D-17-00561 )
Sven Matthiesen, René Germann

Session B4.1 May 24th 3:00pm
Coevolutionary and Symbiotic Relationships in Design, Manufacturing and Enterprise ( PROCIR-D-17-00610 )
A.C. Penn, Ang Liu

Session B4.1 May 24th 3:30pm
Product Profiles: Modelling customer benefits as a foundation to bring inventions to innovations ( PROCIR-D-17-00614 )
Albert Albers, Jonas Heimicke, Benjamin Walter, Gustav Nils Basedow, Nicolas Reiß, Nicolas Heitger, Sascha Ott, Nikola Bursac

Session B4.2 May 25th 8:30am
Divergent prototyping effect on the final design solution: the role of “Dark Horse” prototype in innovation projects ( PROCIR-D-17-00630 )
Luiz Fernando C. S. Durão, Kevin Kelly, Davi N. Nakano, Eduardo Zancul, Conor L. McGinn

Session B4.2 May 25th 9:00am
How to evaluate the postural balance in a more efficient and less expensive way? ( PROCIR-D-17-01292 )

Session B4.2 May 25th 9:30am
Mechanical Design of a Standing Frame adapted for Children with mental deficiency ( PROCIR-D-18-00095 )
Mariana Laranjeira, Sónia Alves, Telma Dantas, Virgínia Barbosa, José Machado, Leonilde Varela, Paulo Avila, Goran Putnik

Session B5 - Robotics integration

Chairperson B5 - coming soon

Session B5 May 24th 4:30pm
Experimental study of the physical impact of a passive exoskeleton on manual sanding operations ( PROCIR-D-17-00585 )
Aurélie Moyon, Emilie Poirson, Jean-François Petiot

Session B5 May 24th 5:00pm
Design of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Grasping Device ( PROCIR-D-17-00853 )
Antoine Martin, Stephane Caro, Philippe Cardou

Session B5 May 24th 5:30pm
Parasitic Inclinations in Cable-Driven Parallel Robots using Cable Loops ( PROCIR-D-17-00918 )
Saman Lessanibahri, Philippe Cardou, Stéphane Caro

Session B5 May 24th 6:00pm
Development of a low-cost portable POCT device based on ARM ( PROCIR-D-17-01062 )
Xiaodong Xing, Xiangting Huang, Ying Jin, Liquan Wang

Session B5 May 24th 6:30pm
Mechanical Design Optimization of a Piping Inspection Robot ( PROCIR-D-17-01111 )
Damien Chablat, Swaminath Venkateswaran, Frédéric Boyer

Session C1 - Design & Education

Chairperson C1.1 - Lionel Roucoules
Chairperson C1.2 - Christopher Brown

Session C1.1 May 23th 11:00am
Transdisciplinary Design Education for Engineering Undergraduates: Mapping of Bloom’s Taxonomy Cognitive Domain Across Design Stages ( PROCIR-D-17-00601 )
Alyona Sharunova, Mehwish Butt, Ahmed Jawad Qureshi

Session C1.1 May 23th 11:30am
From engineering to industrial design: issues of educating future engineers to systemic design ( PROCIR-D-17-01038 )
Lucile Trevisan, Pier Paolo Peruccio, Silvia Barbero

Session C1.1 May 23th 12:00am
CDIO design education collaboration using 3D-desktop printers ( PROCIR-D-17-00635 )
Thomas Haavi, Nina Tvenge, Kristian Martinsen

Session C1.2 May 23th 2:45pm
Design and Innovation Learning: Case Study in North African Engineering Universities Using Creativity Workshops and Fabrication Laboratories ( PROCIR-D-17-00906 )

Session C1.2 May 23th 3:15pm
Transdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Ontology for a Generic Product Design Process ( PROCIR-D-17-00602 )
Mehwish Butt, Alyona Sharunova, Mario Storga, Yasir Imtiaz Khan, Ahmed Jawad Qureshi

Session C1.2 May 23th 3:45pm
Distributed Product Design in Educational Programs ( PROCIR-D-17-01283 )
Carina Fresemann, Rainer Stark, Roy Damgrave, Nathalie Bekkering, Eric Lutters

Session C2 - Augmented Reality

Chairperson C2 - coming soon

Session C2 May 23th 4:45pm
The rationale of PSS as an inspiration for Synthetic Environments ( PROCIR-D-17-00621 )
Roy Damgrave, Eric Lutters

Session C2 May 23th 5:15pm
An innovative user-centred support tool for Augmented Reality maintenance systems design: a preliminary study ( PROCIR-D-17-00619 )
Iñigo Fernández del Amoa, Elisa Galeottib, Riccardo Palmarinia, Gino Dinib, John Erkoyuncua, Rajkumar Roy

Session C2 May 23th 5:45pm
Augmented Reality based Visualization of CAM Instructions towards Industry 4.0 paradigm: a CNC Bending Machine case study ( PROCIR-D-17-00634 )
Dimitris Mourtzis, Vasilios Zogopoulos, Ioannis Katagis, Panagiotis Lagios

Session C2 May 23th 6:15pm
Designing an AR interface to improve trust in Human-Robots collaboration ( PROCIR-D-17-00611 )
Riccardo Palmarinia, Iñigo Fernandez del Amoa, Guglielmo Bertolinob, Gino Dinib, John Ahmet Erkoyuncua, Rajkumar Roya and Michael Farnsworthb

Session C3 - Customization & modularization

Chairperson C3 - Catherine Da Cunha

Session C3.1 May 24th 8:30am
Design for Reconfiguration as Fundamental Aspect of Smart Products ( PROCIR-D-17-00576 )
Philipp Savarino, Michael Abramovici, Jens Christian Göbel, Philip Gebus

Session C3.1 May 24th 9:00am
Towards a decision-making framework for multi-criteria product modularization in
cooperative environments ( PROCIR-D-17-00588 )
Marc Windheim, Nicolas Gebhardt, Dieter Krause

Session C3.1 May 24th 9:30am
Identification of the cost-benefit-optimal product configuration ( PROCIR-D-17-00631 )
Guenther Schuh, Christian Doelle, Jan Koch, Pascal Grutza

Session C3.2 May 24th 11:15am
Obsolescence prediction: a Bayesian model ( PROCIR-D-17-00683 )
Marc Zolghadri, Sid-Ali Addouche, Kevin Boissie, Daniel Richard

Session C3.2 May 24th 11:45am
A Training Framework for the Synthesis of a Consistent System of Objectives in Modular Design ( PROCIR-D-17-01040)
Thilo Richter, Albert Albers, Clemens Birk, Michael Rapp, Nikola Bursac

Session C3.2 May 24th 12:15am
Design automation of control panels for automated modular construction machines ( PROCIR-D-17-01102 )
Edgar C. Tamayo, Yasir Imtiaz Khan, Ahmed Jawad Qureshi, Mohamed Al-Hussein

Session C4 - Life-Cycle Information & System

Chairperson C4 - Farouk Belkadi

Session C4.1 May 24th 2:00pm
A requirement mining framework to support complex sub-systems suppliers ( PROCIR-D-17-00743 )
Romain Pinquié, Philippe Vérona, Frédéric Segondsb, Nicolas Croué

Session C4.1 May 24th 2:30pm
A Systems Approach for the Definition of Lean Workflows in Global Aerospace Manufacturing Companies ( PROCIR-D-17-01300 )
Jaime Rojo Abollado, Essam Shehab

Session C4.1 May 24th 3:00pm
Lean OR ERP – A Decision Support System to Satisfy Business Objectives ( PROCIR-D-17-00600 )
Saraswati Jituria, Brian Flecka, Rafiq Ahmada

Session C4.1 May 24th 3:30pm
Towards an Unified Additive Manufacturing Product-Process Model for Digital Chain Management Purpose ( PROCIR-D-17-00701 )
Farouk Belkadi, Laura Martinez Vidal, Alain Bernard, Eujin Pei, Emilio M. Sanfilippo

Session C4.2 May 25th 8:30am
Synergy Effects by using SysML Models for the Lightweight Design Method “Extended Target Weighing Approach” ( PROCIR-D-17-00633 )
Albert Albers, Georg Moeser, Sven Revfi

Session C4.2 May 25th 9:00am
A linked data approach for the connection of manufacturing processes with production simulation models ( PROCIR-D-17-00590 )
Richard Senington, Fabian Baumeister, Amos Ng, Jan Oscarsson

Session C4.2 May 25th 9:30am
A Framework for Optimal Design of Complex Products ( PROCIR-D-17-00769 )
Deyi Xue, David Imaniyan

Session C4.2 May 25th 10:00am (visio)
A Framework Method of User-participation Configuration Design for Complex Products ( PROCIR-D-17-00596 )
Jing Li, Yafei Nie, Xinwei Zhang, Keqin Wang, Shurong Tong, Benoît Eynard

Session C5 - Design theory

Chairperson C5 - coming soon

Session C5 May 24th 4:30pm
Coping with Complex System-of-Systems in the Context of PGE - Product Generation Engineering ( PROCIR-D-17-00574 )
Albert Albers, Natalie Peglow, Jonas Powelske, Clemens Birk, Nikola Bursac

Session C5 May 24th 5:00pm
A surrogate model based on Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines hypersurfaces ( PROCIR-D-17-00569 )
Y. Audoux, M. Montemurro, J. Pailhes

Session C5 May 24th 5:30pm
Reference Products in PGE - Product Generation Engineering: Analyzing Challenges and Deriving Development Activities Based on the Hierarchy of Reference Products ( PROCIR-D-17-00587 )
Albert Albers, Simon Rapp, Nicolas Heitger, Friedrich Wattenberg, Nikola Bursac

Session C5 May 24th 6:00pm
From Reality to Simulation – Using the C&C -Approach to Support the Modelling of a Dynamic System ( PROCIR-D-17-01295 )
Sven Matthiesen, Patric Grauberger, Carolin Sturm, Michael Steck

Session C5 May 24th 6:30pm
Integrated Cross-Component Lightweight and Material-Oriented Development Methodology - The Embodiment Design Cycle ( PROCIR-D-18-00087 )
Jerome Kaspar, Michael Vielhaber
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