Local organisation committee and contacts

Organisation: Centrale Nantes & the LS2N laboratory

With the support of the French CIRP community as well as the French design community
  • Administrative staff: Karine Cantele, Emily Thureau, Sophie Girault, Patricia Briere, Christine Thabard    
  • Logistics: Catherine Da Cunha, Farouk Belkadi, Florent Laroche, Alain Bernard, Loic Jeanson, Paul Francois, Oussama Meski, Zakaria Yahouni, Elaheh Maleki, Zhen Hong, Emilio Sanfilippo, Antoine Martin, Zheng Hong, Swaminath Venkateswaran   
Contacts: cirpdesign2018@ec-nantes.fr


  • 6th ranked engineering school in France
  • 1000 master and 250 PhD students
  • 6 laboratories
  • Areas of specialisation: computer sciences, mechanical and production engineering, civil engineering, fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, virtual reality


  • A French national research lab focusing on digital sciences
  • UMR CNRS 6004
  • 450 members
  • 5 sites
  • 5 partners

Published on April 21, 2017 Updated on May 22, 2018