23rd May - 10:15am

Mastering information overflows in (virtual) reality - (un)conventional thinking for product developers
Professor Eric Lutters, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Design, Production and Management, University of Twente, The Netherlands

PDF of the oral presentation is available here.

Eric Lutters is an associate professor ‘Information Driven Product Development’ in the Department of Design, Production and Management of the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He obtained his PhD. degree in Mechanical Engineering at the same university. Eric holds an additional position as professor extraordinary at the department Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Also, he is a scientific board member of the Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente. Eric is a fellow of CIRP; currently he is the chairperson of the Scientific Technical Committee on Design and the co-chair of the cross-STC group in CIRP.

23rd May - 2:00pm

How do cyberphysical systems transform the product landscape?
Professor Daniel Brissaud, G-SCOP laboratory, Grenoble-INP, France

PDF of the oral presentation is available here.
Daniel BRISSAUD has been a professor of engineering design and eco-design at Universite Grenoble Alpes since 1998. He is a member of the Institute of Engineering (Grenoble INP) and trains French engineers in products, services and systems design. He has been a CIRP fellow, the head of the research cluster on engineering for industry and innovation at Rhone-Alpes area since 2007 and has led the French survey on sustainable production systems for the future in 2013.

24th May - 10:30am

Does Additive Manufacturing Require a Paradigm Shift in Design Theory and Practice?
Dr. Mary Kathryn Thompson, GE Additive, Cincinnati OH, USA

25th May - 11:00am

'Industrie du Futur' perspectives: French academic network developments and engineering answers to industrial challenges on Smart Manufacturing
Dr. Benoît Eynard, Director of s.mart, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France

PDF of the oral presentation is available here.

Professor Benoît Eynard is currently the Director of the Institute for Mechatronics at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne - UTC. In 2007, he has joined UTC as a Full Professor for leading the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering until 2012. He is also member of the FRE CNRS/UTC 2012 Roberval. Previously, he was Assistant Professor at the Université de Technologie de Troyes where he managed the MSc program on Information Technology for Mechanical Engineering.
Since 2013, he is general chairman of the academic group of the French Association of Mechanical Engineering on Factories of the Future: integrated design and advanced manufacturing also known as S-mart academic group (previously AIP-PRIMECA network). He is also member of the IFIP working group 5.1. dealing with “Global Product development for the whole life-cycle” and of the Design Society where he currently leads the special interest group on “Design Methods for Cyber-Physical Systems”.
In 1999, he obtained his PhD on Computer-Integrated Manufacturing from the University of Bordeaux. Now, he is a recognised researcher in product lifecycle management, collaborative design, systems engineering, mechatronic design, digital factory, manufacturing process management, eco-design and sustainable manufacturing. He has published over 70 papers of international journals and 200 international conferences. He also has been guest editor for 15 journal special issues and academic books.
Published on April 21, 2017 Updated on May 31, 2018