25th May - Tutorial

Friday 25th May - 2:00pm - Room I - Nantes La Cité Events Center

Axiomatic Design: an Introduction and Perspectives with Recent Advances

Christopher A. Brown
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Fundamental principles of Axiomatic Design (AD) are reviewed, with insights and perspectives of over 30 years of teaching and practice.
The latest methods for using AD, qualitatively and quantitatively, for selecting the best design solutions and for fostering innovations are presented. AD, originating with Nam Suh at MIT in the late 1970s, contends that all good designs comply with two axioms: maintaining independence of the functional elements and minimizing information content.
AD can add value and reduce costs in designs and in the design process. Emphasis is placed on techniques for decomposing design problems into valid, corresponding functional and physical hierarchies, and using metrics, to facilitate rigorous application of the axioms.
This tutorial is intended for design practitioners and students, who might have never used Axiomatic Design, or who would like a fresh perspective. It would also be useful for people who would like to see an approach to teaching AD that I have been developing since 1990.

Presentation of Pr Brown

You can download the powerpoint file here.
Published on August 24, 2017 Updated on May 24, 2018